The passion for a region-Tuscany and Umbria, where the harmony between nature and culture, geography and history, breathtaking landscapes and picturesque towns, great food and world-class wine, lovely weather and wonderful people makes this the heart of Italy… la Dolce Vita!

Since 1987, Julie Zamorano and her husband, Romano, have been exploring the area with discerning eyes and rigorous standards looking for the nicest properties to offer as vacation rentals. They personally inspect every single property, and have carefully selected villas, apartments and farmhouses that offer only the finest accommodations and the best values in Italian vacation rentals. Because they are a small agency, their low overhead and personal, direct relationship with every owner assures you the highest quality with the best prices.

Since 2010 I have been working with Julie to develop the offer in the different regions in which Zamorano Villas specializes and to promote golf destinations in Italy. Julie stopped working in 2015

I offer you a long experience and a thorough knowledge of the regions and properties that Julie and I have visited personally. I can help you choose the ideal home for your vacation, the accommodation that best suits your needs and your budget, so that you can experience your vacation as a real Italian local, rather than a typical tourist in transit.

Today Zamorano Villas has become the gold-standard in Europe for self-catered vacation rentals in Toscana and Umbria. Now, with the same care and selectivity, they have expanded into three more of Italy’s most beautiful regions: Sicily and Puglia.

Zamorano Villas offers proven experience and a thorough knowledge of the Tuscan and Umbrian regions of Italy.

Contact me and I will share with you their love and knowledge of these magnificent regions of Italy with tips on the rich variety of local cuisines, their favorite restaurants, the best ways to experience Italy’s fine wines from places like Chianti, Montalcino, Montepulciano or San Gimignano, and the best Italian villas for you to rent at the best possible prices.

Let Zamorano Villas help you choose accommodations and plan the itinerary for the Italian vacation which best suits your dreams, your needs and your budget.

Didier Fourcroy