Most of the rentals proposed are old buildings situated in the countryside, surrounded by woods and fields. Since the original building will have been restored using traditional materials and maintaining the original layout, the rooms will not always be in accordance with modern ideas on size or disposition.  Buildings will not necessarily be conform to international normes, reflecting as they do both in their architecture, furniture, local tradition and the tastes of the owners through the ages.

The access to those rentals will sometimes be through small village streets or countryroads without any asphalt.


At the date of the reservation, a rental agreement will be forwarded in duplicate.The prospective renter then must return one copy of the contract, signed, together with 40% of the contract cost (by bank transfer or crossed cheque).The balance must be paid at least 30 days before the beginning of the rental. As soon as the balance is received a rental voucher will be sent together with the necessary information to reach the rented property.


The rented property cannot be occupied by more people than the number specified on the rental voucher. In cases where a rental is found to have residents in excess of this number, the owner has the right to refuse the access.


Accepted only if this is expressly allowed for in the contract. Additional rent or an increased guarantee will be necessary.


The minimum rental period is one week.

Arrival : Saturday between 4.00 & 7.00 pm

Departure : Saturday between 8.00 & 10.00 am

In the event of unexpected late arrival, the renter must phone the owner or his representative via the on the voucher.


Present to the owner the voucher plus the passports or identity cards of each member of the party. This ensures that the rental can be registered as required by law.


The renter must pay a rental guarantee in cash to the owner on arrival in Eur. The owner reserves the right to refuse access to the property if the renter does not pay the guarantee as specified on the Rental Agreement.

After verification of the state of the rented accomodation at the end of the rental, the guarantee will be returned, subject to any abnormal degradation of the property or its contents for which the cost of any repairs will be retained from the guarantee


At reception the rental property will be clean and tidy. Renters are expected to return the property at the end of the rental in the same state. This clause does not apply where a cleaning service is required, and paid for, in the rental contract. However, in this case, it is still necessary for the renter to return the property with all cutlery, dishes, kitchen utensils and household appliances clean. If the property is found to be either not cleaned up or inadequately cleaned at the end of the rental, the owner has the right to deduct from the guarantee the costs of a full cleaning.


Any renter who cancels an agreed rental must pay the following indemnity :

  • 50% of the total rental cost up to 45 days prior to the start of the rental
  • 75% ” ”     ”         ”       ”  from 44 to 30 days prior the start of the rental
  • 100%” ”     ”         ”       ”   less than 30 days or in case of non-appearance.

If, for reasons beyond its control, the rented property becomes unavailable, Zamorano Viaggi will propose to the renter a second property as similar as possible to the original property specified in the contract. The renter then has the choice, either:

  • to accept the alternative property, without any extra payment if it is of the same or superior quality but with a refund if it is of lower quality
  • or to cancel the contract and receive without delay full reimbursement of all sums paid under this agreement.


If the rental property is not in conformity with the contract, if items missing or damage is apparent at the start of the rental, the owner or his representative must be officially informed within 24 hours, (such that the complaint is recorded) in order for a rapid solution to be found. If no solution is forthcoming, the renter must immediately inform Zamorano Viaggi in Brussels by telephone and in writing  No such complaint received in Brussels after the end of the rental agreement can be considered; nor would a  refund be possible.